How To Breed Blue Dragon Dragon City

How to Breed Blue Dragons in Dragon City

To learn how to breed blue dragons in Dragon City, you will first need to purchase one of its parent dragons. Once you have obtained one, you can breed it with another type of dragon. The process of breeding a dragon can take between one day and two days. There are many kinds of dragons in the game. The guide below will show you which ones you should buy and what you should expect during the breeding process.

When breeding a dragon, the first thing you should remember is that research costs money. This cost will be significantly lower if you breed dragons in different colors. Also, you will be able to breed blue dragons with other colored dragons. The developers are still working out the costs of research, so you might have to spend more money to obtain rarer varieties. However, you’ll save time and resources if you take the time to study the results.

You can also get a pure blue dragon by breeding a flame dragon and a terra one. But, as pure dragons are harder to obtain than other types, you might need to save up for one of these rare breeds. To obtain a legendary and rare dragon, you might also consider breeding a Legendary Dragon. These rare and legendary dragons are not easy to find so it is better for you to save up than to risk breeding a blue one.

While breeding dragons is a good way to get gold, there are many more options for increasing your collection. Breeding a blue dragon will increase your overall gold production by at least two levels. In addition, breeding a dragon will increase the amount of gold that you can earn in a day. Breeding your dragons will increase the gold that you earn every hour. It’s also important to breed rare dragons as this will give you a higher gold production.

Gold is a crucial resource in Dragon City. It is the primary currency required for everything in Dragon City, from breeding to building up. Without a steady supply of gold, your dragon town will slowly collapse and fail to progress. Unless you are able to produce enough gold, you’ll have to respawn a lot and try again. This is where your gold supply will come into play. So, if you have the patience to breed and grow a blue dragon, it will be worth it.

You can also purchase more breeding habitats by completing your dragon book collections. Completing these books will allow you to receive free gems and food that can be used to breed dragons. However, keep in mind that they are temporary and will need to be replaced later. Once you have your desired habitats, you can breed as many dragons as you want. The more you get, the better your chances of completing your breeding mission.

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