How To Breed Dragonfly Dragon In Dragon City

How to Breed Dragonfly Dragon in Dragon City

Many players have raised concerns and debates about how to breed dragonfly Dragons in Dragon City, a popular mobile game. While it is possible to successfully breed dragons with just a few building blocks, obtaining a secret breeding formula is a prerequisite. Fortunately, there are many resources for getting help with research and perfecting breeding combos. By following a few basic steps, you can quickly produce high-quality dragons.

To begin breeding, you’ll first need to level up your dragon. In addition to building a breeding ground, you’ll have to find an egg and hatch it. The offspring of the egg will vary in their type depending on the parents. Breeding dragons requires a bit of luck, but once you reach level four, the process is relatively straightforward. The next step is to choose which dragon you want to breed and which eggs you want to collect.

Once you have your first Dragon, you can add another one to your collection. The first dragon you’ll breed will be an Archangel, which you can combine with basic types for a Light Dragon. This strategy will allow you to breed gold dragons quickly. Afterward, you can breed gold dragons with these hybrids. You will need to buy their parent dragons first as some dragons are level-exclusive.

The egg-laying tube of the female will not work if there are a lot of dandelion eggs. Female dragonflies are not stingy, but they are still a lot easier to breed. Be sure to inspect the abdomen and look for bumps or smoothness. If you see a bump, it means that you are dealing with a male dragonfly. A smooth underside indicates that it is a female.

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