How To Build Quantum Board Grow Light

How to Build a Quantum Board Grow Light

You need to find the best way of distributing light to grow plants that produce high yields. Because it emits light in multiple directions, a quantum board LED grow light provides the best coverage. It is more efficient than a single HPS bulb, which means you will need to use more energy to remove heat. A 240W LED Board will produce the same heat as a 240W HPS bulbs, but it will produce a few times more heat than a 240W bulb. Overheating can be caused by a larger HPS bulb in the same area. It is important to keep water temperatures low to prevent root rot.

A quantum board also spreads light evenly. Some grow lights have blind spots, or the majority of illumination concentrated in one place. Quantum boards are much more efficient, as they disperse light evenly across the area. Unlike COBs, which tend to be larger and more powerful, quantum boards also use less power. They also produce less light intensity, which is not ideal for high-intensity crops.

One option for a quantum board grow light is to purchase a preassembled kit from a manufacturer. The first step of assembling one is to connect the output wires from the driver to the quantum board panels. Next, attach the hanging wire and hanger clips to the board. You may also want to buy wire strippers. For the inexperienced, wiring can be dangerous. If you are unsure, make sure to read the instructions or contact the manufacturer.

Another option for a quantum board grow light is to purchase an entry level LED grow light. An excellent choice is the Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light. This device is fanless and emits white light. It is also highly efficient and has a large coverage area that does not decrease at the edges. It costs about half of a quantum board kit. It is worth looking for one with adjustable ballasts so that you can adjust the power to maximum.

A quantum board is a great option for plant lighting. They are not designed for high intensity lighting, but they provide excellent results for growers. And if you want to save money, they are a great option. They also make a grow room more energy-efficient and cost-effective. You’ll also be able to save on maintenance. They can be used anywhere because they have a more efficient LED light.

Although DIY quantum board grow light kits may not be ideal for every application, they are still far more affordable than their pre-assembled cousins. These grow lights typically offer better value than their pre-assembled counterparts and come with a one-year warranty. You can’t guarantee the light’s quality if it’s not assembled. Moreover, the coverage area of a DIY quantum board grow light is significantly less than a COB LED grow light.

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