How To Care For Polymer Clay Jewelry

How to Care For Polymer Clay Earrings

It’s important to take special care of your jewelry, but a simple cleaning routine will do the trick. Polymer clay is porous and easily scratches. You should avoid wearing your polymer clay jewelry with dark-colored clothes, and clean it using a damp cloth. For minor marks, use rubbing alcohol to clean it. However, keep in mind that the rubbing alcohol will damage any varnish protecting the metallic leaf, and it will also remove hand-painted details.

Firstly, clean your jewelry with a damp cloth. You may also want to use baby wipes to clean your jewelry. For more thorough cleaning, use a Q-tip or cotton round dipped in acetone. However, this method is only effective for polymer clay earrings that aren’t coated with foil, glitter, or hand-painted. You may want to use a soft cloth when cleaning polymer clay jewelry, as the brush may clog up the clay.

When cleaning your polymer clay jewelry, you should keep it out of children’s reach. It’s easy to accidentally eat polymer clay jewelry, even though it looks like Play-Doh. Make sure you store your jewelry in a special case made for it, which can keep it safe from damage. Before wearing your polymer clay jewelry, wrap it in tissue paper so it won’t get lost or broken. You can clean it with a Q tip with nail polish remover, or a microfiber cloth if you are concerned about damage.

It is important to take care of your polymer clay jewelry. It is delicate and can tarnish from wetness. Make sure to keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight, as the heat can cause it to discolor. If your polymer clay jewelry has any brass components, use brasso metal polish or baby wipes to clean it. However, be sure to avoid any contact with water or harsh chemicals because these substances can damage the clay.

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