How To Change Background On Grand Videoke

How to Change Background on Grand Videoke

The GRAND VIDEOKE has an option to change the background of the screen using external video devices such as DVD players or video cameras. Simply press BGV on your remote to change the background. You can also select different photos or videos. This feature also lets you view videos in the background of other devices. You can also change the image of the screen to match the current movie or music. For more information, visit the GRAND VIDEOKE website.

The GRAND VIDEOKE Symphony 2.0 comes with many great features. This model is sold for 24,999 PHP and supports USB external hard disk drives and 1TB FAT32 HDDs. It comes with five hours and forty minutes of HD video backgrounds, including 3D Anime Dance, WOW Philippines, and OPM MTV. You can choose from a black or white version of the grand videoke. It has a USB port, and is compatible with USB 2.0.

Grand Videoke Symphony 3.0 includes over 8,500 songs, but you can also add songs from your music collection. You must have a USB drive with the appropriate music file and plug it into your unit. The song update volume can be purchased through the App Store and Google Play. Then, download the latest song update volume. Next, change the background color to your liking and start singing.

When pairing the Grand Videoke with a smartphone, you can select the option to pair it with Wi-Fi. You can then choose the SSID you want to pair with. Once the device pairs, you can access the GV Smart App from your smartphone. After signing in, you can select the song name, author, and title to change the background. You can also download the app to listen to the Grand Videoke music.

The Grand Videoke has many other features, which you can customize. The Grand Videoke supports voice control via the Xtreme Magic Sing feature. To download this application, you must purchase GV Smart Codes (or Song Update Credits) for your Grand Videoke. Once you’ve done that, you can choose the background you want for your Grand Videoke. After you’ve done that, you can then change the audio and video files, and add them to your video collection.

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