How To Check Database Growth In Oem 13c

How to Check Database Growth in Oracle E-Business Suite (EM13C)

You may have been wondering how to check the database size growth in Oracle E-Business Suite (EM13C). You’ll find this information under the DB Size and DB Growth scenarios. These reports will show you how large the DB is at the current time and provide you with an alert if the fill level approaches 100% or if a significant anomaly occurs. What are the key metrics you should be checking?

Database growth can be measured in two ways: daily and hourly. It is possible to correlate the growth of your data with your business operations or determine if your tablespace has been growing due to problematic code. The latter will tell you whether the problem lies in the database or the code itself. Fortunately, it’s easy to monitor. The data collected by this query is stored in the EM_METRIC_VALUES table.

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