How to cite legal commentary?

How to cite legal commentary?

Comments are often quoted with an abbreviation (here: MüKo-StGB). You first name the commented paragraph (here: § 242 StGB) and then the marginal number (here: marginal number 2) under which you found specific information.

How do you cite BVerfGE?

Citing judgments – BVerfGE 95, 335 (364). Court decisions printed in journals are given with the name of the court, abbreviation of the journal and year of publication, first page and page cited, eg: – OVG Münster, NJW 1982, 2277 (2278).

How do I cite laws in the footnote?

Regardless of the citation style, laws are always quoted in the same way. Depending on the citation method, the reference is in brackets in the body text or in the footnote. Always quote the official version of the law: § 81 paragraph 1 sentence 3 BGB.

When cf in footnote?

At the end of the direct quotation, there is a reference to the corresponding footnote. In the case of direct quotations, the introductory addition “Cf. “.

When do I have to write cf?

Their referencing differs from direct citations by a “cf.”, which stands for “compare”. Sometimes “see” is also used to indicate indirect quotations. It’s possible, but rather unusual. If you want to refer to other books or texts in a footnote, for example, you can use “cf.

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