How To Delete Picasa Photos From Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Delete Picasa Photos From Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Want to know how to delete Picasa images from your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone? If so, you’re not alone. Picasa photos can be deleted from Android devices by thousands of Android users. The good news is that it’s very simple. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps. Continue reading to learn how.

First of all, open the Settings application and go to “Application Manager”. Once you’re there, go to the “All” tab. This will display your Gallery app as well as the Picasa photos stored there. Once you’re done, press the force stop button to close the app and remove all photos from your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Next, open the Gallery app. If you have Picasa installed on your phone, you can find all your Picasa photographs in there. Picasa photos can be accidentally deleted. You should delete them as soon as you can. After you’ve finished editing, Picasa photos can be easily deleted from your Samsung Galaxy S3. All you need to do is locate the “Account” menu in the Settings bar.

Picasa will delete a photo. You’ll need to open it in Windows Photo Viewer again after you have deleted it. It’s much easier to select the photo from the hard drive and then delete it. Select the photo you wish to delete from your hard drive and click “Delete from Disk”. Then, you’ll have to confirm your action by clicking the Yes button.

Alternatively, you can add Picasa web albums to your Android device’s Gallery application. You can also delete an album from Picasa if you prefer to use Google Photos. You can also choose to delete the entire album using the gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Using the Gallery app to remove Picasa from your Android phone will make deleting the photos much easier.

After you have deleted the album from your phone, the entire album can be deleted from the Gallery app. You won’t lose any pictures if you clear the data. But you should ensure that you have a backup of the pictures, since erasing them will delete your mobile phone’s memory and prevent the app from re-sync with the gallery.

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