How to design a high-quality interior at home – clever tips and tricks for it!

Anyone who wants to furnish and design a new home certainly knows the problem. You always try to fill your own four walls with warmth, cosiness and comfort and to create a really cozy, but also somewhat luxurious ambience. But sometimes we lack the finishing touches that are necessary for a chic look. Hand on heart, we should also affirm the following. It can be difficult to design a high quality interior at home. Sometimes we lack ideas, other times we lack creativity. Especially if you also have a tight budget for room decoration. Heads up! Fortunately, even on a budget, there are great ways to achieve a quality interior at home. In today’s article, we’re going to show you some of them. Here are simple ways to add timeless elegance to your home without paying a lot of money for it.

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Bright colors and rounded shapes characterize this appealing ambience.

Hochwertiges Interieur Esszimmer in hellen Farben abgerundeter Esstisch Hängelampen weiße Gardinen Bilderwand

Your high quality interior could look like this too!

Hochwertiges Interieur luxuriöses Wohnzimmer helle Möbel

  • The color design is particularly important for a high-quality interior

The first thing you should determine, based on your personal style and taste, is the color scheme in your home. Then, get some good quality wall paint and roll up your sleeves. Yes, you can do that yourself and save some money in the process. Painting the walls can’t be difficult for you. It is much more important to choose the right color. Most homeowners and interior designers feel that choosing the right shade is probably one of the toughest decisions in any room design. Especially when the remaining furniture is based on the same color palette. Pick one of these two color options – bold and dramatic, or soft, restrained hues. These shades can be used to add instant elegance to your home. It just depends on your color personality which option you choose.

This dark shade of gray remains trendy.

Hochwertiges Interieur Blick ins stilvolles Wohnzimmer Dunkelgrau

The dark blue is classic!

Hochwertiges Interieur elegantes Esszimmer dunkelblauer Schrank Esstisch

Dark gray and black contrast with the white and make this bathroom look more interesting.

Hochwertiges Interieur dunkelgraue Wände schwarze

A bedroom in dark colors can appear mystical and luxurious at the same time.

Hochwertiges Interieur Schlafzimmer in dunklen Farben mystisch aber auch

  • Hardwood is the be-all and end-all of floor design

A glossy wooden floor creates a classic, elegant look. There are also inexpensive options made of solid wood, meaning you can find something of good quality at an affordable price. Buying hardwood for your home is an investment, but it is definitely a smart one. Laminate is another option, but be sure to buy the best laminate on the market to ensure that it will last. If you like contrasts, then opt for a dark color. This will undoubtedly give you a more luxurious appearance. To put the finishing touches on the whole interior and especially the flooring, add a few carpets. In this way, you emphasize the overall design of the room, from floor to ceiling, and try to tie all small and large room elements and details together.

This dark floor design fits perfectly into a light, high-quality interior.

Hochwertiges Interieur dunkle Fußbodengestaltung passt in ein helles Wohnzimmer

Let the hardwood floor contrast with the white kitchen furnishings.

Hochwertiges Interieur dunkles Hartholz weiße Kücheneinrichtung kontrastieren

Hochwertiges Interieur helles Wohnzimmer elegante moderne Raumgestaltung Fußboden Hartholz

  • If you want a high-quality interior, you shouldn’t underestimate the room lighting

Designer lights give your home more elegance than the standard chandelier. First, take a look around flea markets and second-hand stores. It would be possible for you to receive a truly unique item at an affordable price. Some parts may need a bit of polishing or repainting, but for a few bucks these can look like multi-million dollar pieces. Additionally, you’d need to consider using a variety of light sources throughout the house, including table and floor lamps, to add to the elegant feel. Take a look at the ideas prepared below and get inspired!

Old chandeliers can get a second chance and serve as accents in the interior.

Hochwertiges Interieur langer Flur Spiegel Bilder alte Kronleuchter zweite Chancen Akzente

An elegant floor lamp is simply a must and gives the interior the finishing touch.

Hochwertiges Interieur elegante Stehlampe ein Muss dem Raum den letzten Schliff geben

  • A few more good tips for a high-quality interior

Interesting, even somewhat unusual shapes in the interior give your home an extra dose of luxury. Often times, to make your home look expensive, you need to consider small details. The key to a high-quality interior is in them! For example, choose furniture with rounded shapes. This little trick can make a room look different but also luxurious. This gives your four walls an elegant look. The same principle applies to room decoration and lighting. Fortunately, sculptures, souvenirs and similar decorations without edges can be found relatively cheap, so they are affordable for almost every budget. There are numerous options to choose from. However, if you want a stronger effect, choose something expensive that your budget allows. This could soon turn into a beautiful eye-catcher in your home! Not a bad idea either, is it?

Soft, light furniture upholstery and rounded shapes ensure more elegance and luxury in the room.

Hochwertiges Interieur schönes helles Wohnzimmer weiche helle Möbelpolsterung

The bathroom can also be designed luxuriously.

Hochwertiges Interieur Bad moderne Wanne Kronleuchter

Now take enough time and take a look at all the interior designs presented here. We are sure that you can discover other great design ideas for a high-quality interior in your home. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

The beauty lies in the simplicity, also in this Scandinavian style bedroom.

Hochwertiges Interieur schönes Ambiente einfach gestaltet im Skandinavischen Stil

Hochwertiges Interieur einfach eingerichtetes Schlafzimmer gut geordnet

You can definitely sleep here comfortably!

Hochwertiges Interieur schön gestaltetes Schlafzimmer sehr einladend und komfortabel

Give your dining area classic elegance!

Hochwertiges Interieur Essecke am Fenster klassische Eleganz

Decorate the walls according to your personal taste and style.

Hochwertiges Interieur schönes Wohnzimmer weinrotes Sofa Samtpolsterung Stehlampe Regal Wandbild

You can also express your creativity with the decoration in the bathroom.

Hochwertiges Interieur wenig Wanddeko im Bad alles in Weiß Blau bunter Teppich

Every beginning is difficult! Also with the room furnishing and interior design!

Hochwertiges Interieur anfangen ein Zimmer einzurichten zu gestalten

Hochwertiges Interieur weiter Raum Korridor Treppenhaus weiß mit kleinen schwarzen Akzenten Skulptur Blickfang

Hochwertiges Interieur moderne Küche Fenster Blick nach draußen Kücheninsel

Hochwertiges Interieur dunkles Zimmer Smaragdgrün dominiert Sessel Coach schicke Kronleuchter

Hochwertiges Interieur helles Wohnzimmer Nachttischlampen weißes Bettbezug orangefarbene Wurfdecke

Hochwertiges Interieur helles Wohnzimmer runder kleiner Tisch rustikales Kronleuchter

Hochwertiges Interieur elegantes Bad helle Farben weiße Badewanne weiße Blumen Waschtisch Spiegel

Hochwertiges Interieur weiter Raum Wandregal Stauoptionen Körbe

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