How To Dismantle A Gas Lift Bar Stool

How to Dismantle a Gas Lift Bar Stool Safely

If you’ve ever had to dismantle a gas lift chair, you may want to know how to do so safely. You can usually dismantle this type of chair with two people. This is easier if you do it in the same room as you will be using it. Use the stool as a ladder and make sure you work on a smooth surface.

Remove the top of the barstool by unscrewing the screws that are holding it on. Next, grab the ends of the top plate and take it apart. The seat will then slide off the frame. To remove the screws holding the two pieces together, you will need a Phillips-tip wrench. Once you’ve removed these screws, you can remove the seat and frame from the backrest.

The base of the gas lift bar stool is removable. Next, remove the central column. To tap the column, you can use a rubber mallet or hammer. It is important not to tap the column too close to the black clip at the center. If the central column is still stuck in place, you can spray WD40 into the joint. Once you’ve removed the central column, you can dismantle the entire stool set.

The mechanism of a gas lift bar stool is similar to that of height-adjustable chairs. When you sit on it, the pressure on the piston causes air to be released and the barstool will rise and fall. To prevent the pneumatic cylinder from wearing out, you can replace it whenever necessary. It is easy and usually takes only a few hours to restore your gas lift to its original working condition.

Another common problem that makes a hydraulic bar stool wobbly is uneven floors. Chances are that your floor is uneven if you live in an older home with tile flooring. Even if you have new tiles, your floor may not be level. Thankfully, there’s a quick solution to this wobble. All you need is an Allen wrench and a bit of patience.

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