How To Do An Eyelash Extension Patch Test

How to Do an Eyelash Extension Patch Test

A patch test of the eyelash extension should be done before you apply any type of lash extension. While this may seem unnecessary, some clients have a reaction to the adhesive or eyepatch, which makes it necessary to do a test first. It is important that your client seeks medical attention immediately if they experience a reaction. In most cases, the reaction will be minor, but it could cause a severe problem, so it’s best to do a patch test before applying any eyelash extensions to your client.

There are several reasons to perform an eyelash extension patch test before treating any client. Clients who have never had lash extensions before may experience a reaction. Clients who are pregnant must also undergo a patch test. A patch test is a great time to do a patch test because pregnant skin can become more sensitive to certain ingredients. Other clients may be returning from a lash break or have a history of previous allergic reactions. It doesn’t matter what reason you have, it is important to do a patch test before applying eyelash extensions.

To do a patch test for eyelash extension glue, ask an eyelash technician for advice. The technician should be able to tell you exactly what to use for the patch test. They will also be able to tell you what kind of glue to use. The technician will use the same glue as you. Make sure to test the glue on your own eyelashes. If your eyelash extension patch test is negative after 24 hours, you can move to the next step.

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