How To Do Mission 11 On Club Penguin

How to Do Mission 11 in Club Penguin

Club Penguin has launched its Mission 11: The Veggie Villain. Gary the Gadget Guy challenges you to guess Herbert P. Bear’s seeds and choose the correct answer. Once you have chosen the answer, you must teleport to the Gift Shop and find the Rookie. Gary’s phone crashes before he can finish the task. The mission ends when Gary returns to the Gift Shop. However, before Gary can finish, he must teleport back into the Gift Shop to inform Gary that Herbert P. Bear has given him the seeds.

Mission 11 in Club Penguin is not very difficult. You can follow the tutorial guide to do it. First, visit the beach and the club penguin lighthouse. When you’re there, talk to Dot to get the flare. Once you have this, you should go back to the lighthouse and talk to the blue penguins. This will give your mission the spark it needs.

After you have solved the code, the Elite Penguin Force agent will appear to teleport your to Ski Village. You now need to find the books with the target. Once you’ve found the books, click on them to see what you’ve done. You’ll be given a new message to answer. Click on the orange book to answer Herbert’s question. You’ll then be teleported back to the Penguin Secret Agent Head Quarters.

You will need to rescue three blue penguins in order to complete the mission. The first blue penguin needs to be rescued. The second one needs to be rescued as well. You can also save the second blue penguin by breaking branches on the right. After completing this mission, you’ll be rewarded with a gold medal. To complete the mission in Club Penguin, you can also use the mission cheat.

The last mission is the one you have been waiting for. Herbert has taken control of the main PSA computer and will tell Club Penguin all about the top-secret PSA. He will also steal all the technology. You can stop Herbert by inserting a DVD into the machine. You can also place a cloth and a cleaner in your inventory. When Herbert reads the message, the music will play. The mission is complete!

Once Herbert has been defeated, you’ll be given a golden star. To receive this prize, you’ll need to find an item called a hat. The hat will be needed to make the next mission possible. A brown hat and a newspaper are the other items required. To complete the mission, you will need a few things. After you’ve collected all of them, you’ll be rewarded with a gold star and a special reward.

The Gadget Room at HQ houses the canister. The Test Chamber Machine will then need to be filled with the canister. After that, you can place the ice and gear in your inventory and Snow Forts. Herbert will complete the mission. Although this mission is time-consuming, it is well worth it. Once you have completed the mission, you will unlock the achievement. But, don’t get discouraged!

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