How To Do Subramanya Pooja At Home In Telugu

How to Do Subramanya Pooja at Home in Telugu

You have found the right place if you want to perform a simple pooja at home to Sri Subramanya Swmy. This tutorial will show you how to perform a Subramanya Pooja at home in Telugu. You can also learn how to Kalasa Stapanam, invoke the Nava Grahas and receive full blessings from Sri Subramanya Swmy.

Subramanya Pooja can be performed at home in Telugu. There are many benefits. People who are having problems with love or marriage worship this deity. It can also help people with their dwesha problems, such as having trouble having children. You must use Urad Dal to perform the pooja.

Lord Subramanya was the Guru of the Hindus. He was also the Guru of the Gurus. This is why the guru of the Hindus is revered everywhere. Sri Subramanya, the guru of all gurus, was also worshipped at his temple. You must know about the history of Sri Subramanya and the piousness in the temple before you can perform the pooja.

You can perform Subramanya Pooja at Home in Telugu by simply chanting the words Subramanya, which are the natadh mnyeshvr mantra svaamini. You should then offer a Puuji (tppnisri) to the deity. After the Puuji, perform the Subramanya Pooja as per tradition.

After the famine struck their home, the Peria Shetty family prayed for forgiveness to Lord Subramanya. The Shettys were extremely sad about their daughter’s marriage and sought God’s forgiveness. Subramanya was their prayer partner. It worked, and Chandana wed Nagaraja, a young man. The Shettys continued to serve the Lord for many years.

The Navagrahas are worshipped by offering different grains, plants, and stones. Rice is the most important of all the substances used in puja. It is used in the creation of the Akshata symbolizing auspiciousness and bliss. After the pooja, devotees tie the thread of turmeric to their hands.

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