How To Fight A Snow Removal Ticket

How to Fight a Snow Removal Ticket

You might be wondering how to fight a ticket for snow removal. Michigan winters are notorious for their frigid temperatures, snow and ice. If you are cited for failing to remove snow and ice from roadways, you can face hefty fines. The law firm’s attorneys have been featured on many media segments discussing the laws governing snow removal. They also answer questions from the public about the Michigan snow removal law.

The first step to fighting a snow removal ticket is to gather evidence that you have violated the by-law. Many times, snow removal tickets are issued based on the date of the storm. You must either make arrangements to have it removed or you can leave work early if you were present at work when it happened. Despite this, you may find yourself with a $112 ticket. Some people say that the tickets are illegitimate because of the small amount of snow on their streets. Others, like Anna Sgontzos, spend their breaks moving their cars and cite the short notice for snow removal.

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