How to find a new job

How to find a new job

Find a job You work together with the employment agencies, you advertise vacancies on your company website, you use the personal contacts and recommendations of your employees, you place job advertisements on Internet job exchanges such as the job search of the Federal Employment Agency.

what to do if you hate your job

What to do when you hate your first job? Find out why you hate the job. This first step is particularly important in order not to have the same problem with the next job. Do not let it get you. You quickly take stress with you when you leave work. Make friends and think positive. Develop an escape strategy.

How long does it take to get used to the new job?

After two months: Don’t panic! Don’t be too perfectionistic. Many things take a little longer in the beginning, simply because you don’t have the necessary routine yet. You have to allow yourself this adjustment phase – getting hectic and dissatisfied with yourself doesn’t help anyone.

How do you behave as a new employee?

Behave in a friendly and reserved manner and try to make yourself useful. Stop by the colleagues, introduce yourself, also in the other departments if you like; then everyone will know who they are dealing with.

What to do if you don’t like the new job?

Objectively explain to your line manager that something else was actually agreed and that you want to do the work that was promised to you. If your boss understands that you don’t like your new job, you should talk about when you can take over your actual duties.

What to do if you are afraid of a new job?

It is absolutely normal to let go of fear of new and unfamiliar situations. However, the feeling should never paralyze you and possibly ensure that a good chance slips through your fingers. It is important that you know your strengths and stop doubting yourself.

How do you behave towards colleagues?

There are a few simple rules you should follow when dealing with difficult colleagues: Stay cool. Thanks to colleague XY, you could just hit the roof again. question yourself. Don’t gossip. Find the conversation. To go a distance.

How can a working atmosphere be?

Different things can be decisive for a good working atmosphere for every employee, but there are some aspects that are generally important: Working conditions. This includes appropriately equipped workplaces, few distractions from noise and not too much stress and deadline pressure. Managing directors.

What is considered unacceptable working conditions?

bb) Unacceptable working conditions Unacceptable working conditions can be caused by the employer himself or by other employees. Here, for example, work tasks in which the worker comes into contact with toxicological or other substances that are hazardous to health come into consideration.

What working conditions are important to you?

The working conditions include notice periods, wages or salaries, work-life balance, working hours and legal regulations.

Who controls working conditions?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act obliges employers to determine which occupational safety measures are required (risk assessment) by assessing the working conditions. On this basis, the employer must then take the necessary protective measures.

What are bad working conditions?

The reason: Inhumane working conditions Regular overtime, a lack of work-life balance, unpredictable working hours, financial pressure, problematic managerial behavior and e-mails after work are part of the normal working day for many employees.

Where can I report bad employers?

If the employer does not remedy the justified complaints of the employees, they can contact the responsible occupational safety authority.

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