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How to find the best fitting for your bathroom

Whether you set up the bathroom as a private wellness area or prefer a practical space that all members of the family use: always choose a fitting that suits your style. There are many styles of modern faucets. Whether you like environmentally friendly fittings with a water-saving function or antique fittings, there is a fitting for every style and function. The faucet has to do one thing in particular: work and function. In addition, it should look beautiful and shine with uncomplicated handling. There are so many types of accessories that it is not easy to find the right fitting. So what should you look out for and where do you start looking?

Do you know how to professionally install the mixer taps?

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The five most common installation options for a mixer tap are centered or wide tap installations, one-hand tap installations, wall and vanity installations. When installing a new tap on an existing sink, it is particularly important to choose the right type of installation (number and position of the holes). The number and position of the holes are specified here. A bathroom sink usually has three holes, but the number can vary depending on the model. There are special lids that can be used to close excess holes. The faucet width is the distance between the two handles.

Centered installation = The mixer tap for the bathtub or on a sink can be installed with one or up to three holes. This type of faucet is also easy to install, but requires a cover to install the handle and faucet. This type of faucet can be used in one to three hole sinks or sinks. A width of 10 cm (measured from the middle of the left side to the middle of the right hole) is required to assemble the mixer tap of a bathtub. This type of faucet is very common.

With high-quality fittings you ensure more elegance in the bathroom.

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Wide range of fittings = Mixer faucet and handle are installed separately, there is a wide range of installation options, there is no cover on the basin or washstand. Wide installation requires holes 20 to 40 cm apart (measured from the center of the hole). This type of faucet is also very popular.

Single lever / single lever mixer = This installation method can precisely control the amount as well as the temperature of the water. Single-hole fittings are particularly suitable for installation in small rooms. The installation of this type of faucet is very easy. With the single-hole fitting with several holes installed in the installation position, the holes that are not required can be covered with a special sleeve. If the sink or countertop has only one hole, this mixer tap is the perfect choice.

When choosing modern bathroom fittings, you have a wide range of colors and materials to choose from.

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The materials and the style are closely related. Chrome, stainless steel, gold plating or platinum? There are also composite materials or glass to choose from as alternatives, and a paint shade complements the color spectrum. Making the right choice here is not easy. Fancy colors are livelier, but a little more expensive. Neutral colors are an advantage here. Chrome mixer taps are still the most common material used in private bathrooms.

The higher the quality of the bathroom fitting, the more functional and modern the bathroom.

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Bathroom fittings are used daily. The accessories have to withstand a lot, hardly just take on the task of looking beautiful. Rotary handles or single-lever mixers – they should be durable and repairable. The color or chrome plating shouldn’t peel off in a short time. A valve can easily hold out for fifteen to twenty years. Good quality is reflected in the availability of spare parts and easy interchangeability. Over the years, the mixer tap’s filter element can become damaged. It is important that it is easily replaceable and does not necessarily have to be reinstalled.

A chic fitting gives the shower system the finishing touch.

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There are a few differences in shower accessories that will affect your choice. There are practical shower accessories such as a single-lever mixer and a faucet with two handles. The water must be mixed first. You can also get the surface-mounted version in front of the wall and the modern, hidden shower accessories set into the wall. In modern shower systems, multiple showers are mostly used, for which additional diverter valves for mixer taps are required. Thermostats are mainly used in modern bathrooms. If your plumbing system is affected by pressure fluctuations and you want to guarantee 100% scalding protection to prevent accidents in your new shower, you should consider using a thermostat. The water temperature can be set precisely here and it can remain constant if you press it several times!

More luxurious showers leave nothing to be desired – shower accessories with electronic controls make dreams come true. Here you can control the shower via a user-friendly touchscreen. Modern technology makes everything possible – all shower functions can be controlled here. Shower panels are also very popular. Not only do they look particularly beautiful, they also offer everything you need in terms of shower head, shelf, additional massage nozzles and thermostat.

Have you already found the most suitable fitting for your bathroom?

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