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How to find your own holiday home in Mallorca

Perhaps you are one of those people who fly to Mallorca at least once a year and spend their vacation there. Have you ever thought about emigrating there or buying a vacation home that is always waiting for you? Many Germans take the plunge and are not unhappy.

Find reputable real estate on the dream island

Whether a holiday home or permanent residence, finding a property in Mallorca is the first step if a large part of life is to be spent there. You have to avoid windy offers, which can often be found on classifieds portals. Often, neither the tax specifics nor the purchase conditions, which must be fulfilled under Spanish law, are taken into account.

Serious providers such as Mallorcaresidencia.com, on the other hand, are the perfect contact if you are interested in buying a Mallorcan property. You have the choice between a classic holiday apartment, a villa, a finca and much more, which will influence your residence on the Balearic island.

Important information for emigrants

There is good news for emigrants and also for those who want to buy a second home on the island of happiness. Neither a residence permit nor a work permit is required. In addition, the property on the holiday island has a lot of advantages. You can fly to Mallorca whenever you want throughout the year. You are no longer dependent on bookings that are not always easy in summer, during the main holiday season.

And once you reach retirement age and you no longer have any professional obligations in Germany, you can still decide whether you want to spend your entire life on the island. In many cases this is also possible beforehand if you can spend your professional life in Mallorca. In the age of the home office, you may no longer need an office in Germany and can do your work from home.

Costs that arise when buying the property

Buying a Mallorcan property is not cheap, but compared to other properties it is cheap. To secure the purchase, you should have it entered in the land register, for which about one percent of the total price is due as a fee. The attorney’s fees and the costs of notarial certification are just as high. The Spanish real estate transfer tax is seven percent and is therefore also in a solid framework.

If you make sure that your property is well maintained and in good condition before buying, there are hardly any costs for the renovation. However, successive edits and changes to the garden and house are often desirable. Therefore, you should plan a certain budget for ancillary costs or further renovation costs. Since you are not obliged to renovate at a certain point in time, you have the opportunity to save here.

For retirees and all Mallorca fans

Buying a property in Mallorca has become relevant not only for retirees, but for everyone who loves the island. Like a share, the holiday island has risen in price over the past few years, with an upward trend. The likelihood that there will be a decline in terms of popularity in the golfer’s paradise and vacation dream is zero. And if you’ve been a little careful in stochastics, you know that this is exactly your advantage.

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