How To Fix A Cracked Invisalign At Home

How to Fix a Cracked Invisalign at Home

You might be wondering how to fix an Invisalign that isn’t working at home. You will need a few tools and supplies. Before you attempt this DIY fix, make sure to get permission from your dentist. You will also need to have the following materials: a toothbrush and denture adhesive, orthodontic wax, a sharp blade, and the Invisalign tray.

You can repair the Invisalign tray if it has been damaged by using the appropriate adhesive. Depending on the extent of damage, this repair can last many years. If you don’t know what adhesive to use, you can try Super Glue, which can be toxic. Remember that you will have the Invisalign tray in your mouth for about 22 hours each day, so if the Invisalign tray breaks, contact your dentist immediately. Usually, your dentist will order a replacement tray quickly, but this can cost extra money. The replacement tray might not be available immediately, so you may have to stop wearing your Invisalign tray while you wait for the new one.

You can also apply orthodontic wax to a cracked Invisalign. The wax can prevent the cracks from getting worse. If the crack is too large, your Portage, MI orthodontist may recommend that you wear your previous tray. If you have cracking issues, you might want to keep the old tray on hand for a few more days. Although these methods might sound dangerous, they’ll save your Invisalign tray from damage.

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