How To Get 7000 Points In Bartender Mix Genius

How to Get 7000 Points in Bartender Mix Genius

You’re not the only one struggling to reach 7000 points in the bartending game. Many players are also struggling to reach this goal, but you’re not the only one! These are some tips to help you reach the 7000 point mark quicker. These tips will help you create a cocktail that will earn plenty of points.

Learn how to use the settings and tips of the app. To adjust the volume of your drink, you can use the menu. Next, choose from a variety of drinks. You can adjust the alcohol content of each drink. After making enough drinks, you’ll be able to purchase new mixers and liquors. This will enable you to unlock new liquors, and allow you to create new drink recipes.

You can also use the game’s reactions to gauge the quality of your drink. You’ll be able to tell by the reactions of Miguel if a drink will be a hit or not. You can also see if a drink will bore someone or get them excited. If you have trouble judging whether a drink tastes good enough, look up the ingredients in real cocktail recipe.

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