How to get a DAAD scholarship How to get a DAAD scholarship How to get a DAAD scholarship

How do you get a DAAD scholarship?

Application documents for the DAAD scholarship, a fully completed DAAD application form, your high school diploma, a current professor’s report, a curriculum vitae in tabular form, a letter of motivation, an overview of the grades of all previous academic achievements (including credit points and grades according to ECTS) Further entries …

Why the Deutschlandstipendium letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation for a Germany Scholarship. The Deutschlandstipendium therefore aims to support committed and high-performing students: Each scholarship holder receives 300 euros per month. The universities that participate are in control of the application process, so this can vary widely.

How do you apply for the Germany Scholarship?

In order to receive the Germany Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria: Be enrolled: To apply to study Germany, you must be enrolled at a German university. Both first-year students and students in higher semesters can apply.

How often can you apply for the Deutschlandstipendium?

The number of Germany scholarship holders rose again in 2019. Almost 28,200 students at state and state-recognized universities throughout Germany benefited from funding with a Germany Scholarship last year. That is 3 percent more than in 2018.

What grades for the germany scholarship?

Application for a Germany Scholarship for a major at the Faculty of Theology: grade point average of 1.5 or better (also applies to applications with a high school diploma). Application for a Germany Scholarship for a major at all other faculties: grade point average of 1.3 or better.

Who awards the germany scholarship?

The Germany Scholarship is paid directly to the scholarship holders by the universities. The funding is awarded regardless of income and can also be obtained in addition to BAföG.

What do you have to do to get a scholarship?

A letter of motivation, a curriculum vitae (in tabular or essay form) and an expert opinion are usually expected. In addition to self-application, some foundations also offer the option of being proposed as a scholarship holder.

Who is entitled to a scholarship?

The scholarship is based on the budget deficit, with a full scholarship currently amounting to at least CHF 16,000 in 19 cantons. In principle, students up to at least 36 years of age (beginning of studies) are eligible for scholarships in the concordat cantons.

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