How To Get Black Belt Fast On Club Penguin

How to Get a Black Belt Fast on Club Penguin

If you are wondering how to get a black belt on Club Penguin, there are a couple of tips that will help you. The first one is to learn the ninja progress, an interface window that shows you your progress in Card-Jitsu. This window is accessible from the bottom-right corner. To find out if you’ve reached a particular level, look for the icon of a beginner deck.

The next tip is to play against other players. You can win games faster by laying down your cards faster. Getting a yellow belt is easy and usually takes five to ten games. Once you reach this level, you can go up a level. You will get more progress points if you lose a game. You will need to win a certain amount of games before you can reach black belt.

Once you have mastered the basics you can move on to the competition mode. There are two types: special and standard battles. If you land on a fire stone, you can pick the highest Fire card in the battle. You’ll then need to win with three cards either of the same or a different color. Eventually, you’ll have enough points to beat the opponent’s team.

To access the hidden dojo room, you’ll need to reach a certain level of black belt. You will have to fight the Sensei during this stage. You’ll need eight to twenty times to defeat him. Once you’re done with this, he’ll give you the Ninja Mask. The mask can be used to unlock other areas of Club Penguin and level up your character.

You will then want to master card-jitsu. It takes a lot of practice but you’ll soon gain experience and unlock all the cards. You can purchase these cards at Toys R Us. These cards come with a code card as well as a power card. If you’re looking to earn more cards, you can try tapping them in the code cards. Once you learn the code, you will unlock new cards that can help your rank.

You can also try using a ninja mask to defeat a Sensei. The Sensei is your opponent and he knows all your weaknesses. You can take five or more matches to beat a Sensei. The secret cards have higher numbers and special moves, which can help you defeat him. You can also get a ninja mask, which unlocks the Flying Flippers Emporium in the Dojo Courtyard. You can also play card-jitsu with your friends or get the Fire Ninja.

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