How To Get Feeling Back In Nipples After Breast Reduction

How to Get Feeling Back in Your Nipples After Breast Reduction

Whether you are a woman looking for a natural way to restore your nipples or you are an old-fashioned woman who just wants to have a smaller boob, you’ve probably wondered how to get feeling back in your nipples after a breast reduction. It’s easy to find the answer – just a few tips can make a big difference.

First, massage the nipple area gently. The massage should be focused on the areola. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will gradually restore your nipples sensation. Another way to regain feeling in your nipples after a breast reduction surgery is to use an electric massager. A gentle massage will soften the skin and adjacent tissue and help the nipples adapt to the new shape.

The type of breast reduction procedure will determine the recovery time. Breast augmentation surgery usually has the shortest recovery period, but the process of restoring nipple sensation can take longer. Although the initial swelling and sensation loss will be temporary, you may need to endure persistent pain for up to three months. It can take up to six months depending on what procedure you had.

Light exercises should be done once your back is healed. While downward movement can help with healing, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise. If your surgery is done in the womb, avoid squeezing your nipples too hard or rubbing them too much. Excessive pressure can lead to a ruptured implant, or further bruising. Additionally, some B vitamins can help heal damaged nerves.

Although breast reduction can be painful, it is safe for most women as long as it’s done by a qualified surgeon. There are some potential risks such as infection, bleeding or an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Some patients develop small sores around the nipples, which can be treated with antibiotic cream. Follow your physician’s instructions closely after a breast reduction.

The lower pole of the breasts may also feel numb after the surgery, but this is usually temporary. The sensation in the lower breasts usually returns within a few months. The nerves in the nipple are usually able to regenerate over a period of two years. It is not unusual to experience some tingling or sharp twinges after breast reduction surgery. For more information, consult your plastic surgeon.

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