How To Get Indian Revenue Stamp In Usa

How to Get an Indian Revenue Stamp in the USA

You might be wondering how you can get an Indian revenue stamp in America. There are many different ways you can acquire one. These are the most popular options. Generally, you will need to pay at least Rs. You can pay as little as Rs. 30,000 but not less. A revenue stamp is a legal document used for tax collection. They are used by many countries to collect revenue. The US Post Office offers them for a minimal fee, and you can also purchase them online for a higher price.

Generally, a POA is used to sign documents outside India. You can even execute a power of attorney (POA) in your wife’s name. A power of attorney in your wife’s name can be used to sign documents outside the US. Apostilled documents are enforceable in India. A power of attorney deed can also be used to register property in India. After the power of attorney has been signed, the property can be registered.

Another option is to use a proprietary stamp. These are often used to pay taxes on goods. These are sometimes difficult to collect because they are often affixed directly to the product. Once you’ve done that, the property will be registered in the US. Sometimes, you can give the signing power to your spouse, who will then register the property for you. You can give your spouse the authority to sign the deed if they aren’t available.

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