How To Get Into Second Year Law Otago

The first step in applying to Otago law school is to pass the LAWS 101 paper, The Legal System. There are only 200 places in this first-year paper, and you must have at least a B-average in all other subjects. After that, the application process will be more straightforward. However, you will still need to apply for scholarships and other opportunities in order to get into the second year.

The University of Otago is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most famous law schools. It began holding lectures in 1873. The Faculty of Law is located in the Richardson Building on the main campus, in the city of Dunedin. Once you get in, you will have a blast. If you are worried that your application won’t meet the requirements, don’t be. Here’s how to get in:

The University of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest and largest university, with four campuses in four cities. The main campus is located in Dunedin, New Zealand, which is home to the only mainland breeding colony of the albatross. In order to study law at Otago, you must complete 4 courses in New Zealand, including LAWS 101. At least one of your papers must be on the people and cultures of New Zealand.

Once you have completed the prerequisites, you need to apply for the second year law course. The application process is separate from the enrolment process and is done online using eVision. To be considered for the second year, you will need to have a good mark in LAWS 101, although this may vary depending on your year of study. You should also have a high B-grade in relevant non-law papers. This will be based on the best 72 points from non-law subjects you have taken.

If you are considering applying for the second year law course at Otago, you need to be aware that it is a competitive course. Those who don’t gain entry can continue to study an alternative degree and double degree. If you are unsuccessful in the first round, you can pursue another degree. If you don’t get into the program, you can choose to retake The Legal System to gain entry.

After you have passed the first-year law course, you need to apply for the second-year course as well. You must apply online through eVision by the end of October. Applicants must have a high mark in LAWS 101 (the first-year course). This will be based on the grade you received in the class. Then, you must complete 4 relevant non-law papers with a B- or better.

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