How To Get Invited To Portsmouth Invitational

How to Get Invited to the Portsmouth Invitational

The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT) is a three-day basketball event held in the city of Portsmouth, Virginia. It is a major national scouting tournament that attracts top college basketball players from all over the country. The tournament also features college basketball players in their senior season, including Division III Yeshiva University’s Ryan Turrell, and NAIA All-American Jacob Gilyard. The PIT also provides scholarships to thousands of players, and streams to millions of viewers around the world.

The tournament has a history of attracting professional basketball players. In its early years, the tournament attracted the attention of NBA players. Nearly 200 NBA scouts attended the tournament in 1970. Representatives from 30 NBA teams and NBA players attended the tournament, as did Dennis Rodman and John Stockton, both NBA players. The Portsmouth Invitational is a great venue to be noticed by top athletes in the sport.

There are plenty of opportunities to get noticed at the Portsmouth Invitational. Players such as Missouri State’s Gaige Prim have been announced for the tournament in 2022. Eight other college players were also named as 2022 Portsmouth Invitational winners. The tournament has been held annually for 67 years and has invited the top senior college basketball players from around the country to play in Portsmouth, Virginia, in front of representatives from every NBA team. Despite the recent pandemic, the tournament will return in 2022 after a two-year hiatus for the Pandemic.

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