How To Get Posterizer Without Contact Dunks

One way to get a Posterizer badge in NBA 2K22 is by learning the correct dunk animations. This will increase your chances of becoming a posterizer by letting you dunk in traffic. To learn the proper dunk animations, use the video below. Then, you’ll be able to make more contact dunks faster. To get the best possible dunks, you should be able to score inside the paint.

To get Posterizer, you need to have 72 standing or driving dunks. This badge will also give you more experience, which will improve your chances of scoring a dunk. Getting a contact dunk is easier with Relentless Finisher. This badge will increase your chances of making more successful dunks and will increase your chances of achieving Posterizers.

To achieve the Posterizer, you must have completed 72 driving or standing dunks. You must have the Contact Finisher to be able to do this. If you want to become a posterizer, you should equip the Relentless Finisher skill. It will improve your contact dunk chances by allowing you to make more effective contact finishes. To unlock the Posterizer, you need to have a minimum of 72 driving and standing dunks.

You must have a good defense position to be able to slam dunks. To make this happen, you should make sure that your defender has good defensive positions and closes out late. You need to have a wide range of dunks and defender positions to be able to get these dunks. You’ll be able to slam diva in no time.

The Posterizer badge in NBA 2K22 is one of the most important badges to earn in the game. It improves your chances of getting contact dunks and allows you to get more shots in the paint. The Posterizer badge is a good way to get a Hall of Fame player. You’ll need to be a slasher and have all the attributes to be a successful slam dunker.

Getting a Posterizer badge in NBA 2K22 is quite simple. You’ll need to get at least seventy standing or driving dunks to earn the badge. Then, you need to earn the Relentless Finisher badge to slam dunks. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be able to slam dunks with less effort.

When you’re looking for a Posterizer badge, you’ll need to make a few successful contact dunks. This badge is a great way to increase your chances of dunking on defenders. The trick is to be patient and try to keep up with the required stats. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize your chances of dunking a poster in NBA 2K22.

If you’re unable to get a contact dunk, you’ll need to equip the Posterizer badge. Then, you’ll be able to get a Posterizer badge by completing at least seventy standing or driving dunks. Afterwards, you’ll also need to equip the Relentless Finisher badge. Once you have both of these badges, you’ll be able to improve your chances of dunking.

In order to earn a Posterizer badge, you need to reach 70 standing or driving dunks. To get this badge, you must have the Relentless Finisher or Contact Finisher. These badges will increase the chances of executing a contact dunk and can improve the chance of getting a Posterizer. However, it is still important to complete 72 standing or driving dunk before you can obtain the Relentless Finisher.

When you perform contact dunks, you need to have a high stamina. The stamina of a player’s hands is crucial to a successful contact dunk. If you can reach it, you’ll be able to complete the move faster. The speed of a Contact dunk is the key to a Posterizer. But, a slithery finisher isn’t just a fast dunk. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of skill.

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