How To Get Skylanders Battlegrounds For Free

If you’ve been looking for a way to get Skylanders Battlegrounds for free, then this article is for you! The game is now available for iOS 5.1 or higher with a free download option. The app features all Skylanders characters, and allows you to play them against each other through a Bluetooth-powered portal. Download the app free from the App Store to get started.

In order to get started, you’ll need to download the game onto your smartphone or tablet. Then, you’ll need to set up a Skylanders account. After logging in, the registration process is easy and you will receive an email confirmation from Activision. There’s no need to worry about wasting money on this – the game’s free version is just as good.

The game is available for iOS and combines turn-based exploration and real-time combat. Players move around a hexagonal map and can switch to an elemental arena if they come in contact with an enemy. Battle sequences begin when the player’s Skylander lands on enemy space. Once a battle has begun, the player will need to decide which Skylander they want to defeat. The more interesting characters that you have, the more you will want to play them.

Another way to get Skylanders Battlegrounds for free is to buy a starter pack. The starter pack includes two wireless Bluetooth Portals of Power and a Jet Vac. It also contains a Series 2 Cynder and Double Trouble. You can also unlock a Platinum Treasure Chest to gain access to in-game loot. And if you’re a fan of collecting Skylanders, you can get this free version for your iPhone or iPad.

Once you unlock the code you will be able use your existing collection, as well as the new characters, in the game. You can play the game on your mobile device by following the instructions on the website. In addition to unlocking the code, you can also find new social multiplayer modes. If you’re looking for a way to get Skylanders Battlegrounds for free, you can check out the Cloud Patrol update, which will add several new social multiplayer modes.

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