How to get the backslash?

How to get the backslash?

The backslash is on the German keyboard on the same key as the ß (Eszett) and can be produced with the key combination Alt Gr + ß. On the Swiss keyboard it is located next to the character

What does a slash mean?

The macron is sometimes also called a dash, which can lead to confusion. Like all diacritics, the slash accent is an additional character that marks a variant of a letter, for example for a different pronunciation or stress.

What does the dash mean?

Slash stands for: slash, characters: / macron, horizontal line as an accent mark. Slash accent, also bar, diacritic.

What is the name of the vertical bar on the keyboard?

The character is represented as either a continuous ( | ) or a vertical bar broken in the middle ( ¦ ). On PCs with the operating systems DOS, Windows and Linux, it is activated with the German keyboard layout using the key combination Alt Gr +

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