How To Get Valuables In Imperium Roblox

This tutorial will show you how to get valuables on Imperium Roblox. It’s an old school RPG game where you explore medieval times and become an influential noble. You can buy swords, horses, and build castles and homes. These are key features that unlock many other features. However, there are some challenges to completing these tasks. You must remain in the game for at least four minutes in order to successfully rob a house and avoid capture.

First, you must enter the store with the drill and interact with the display case to get valuables. Remember that if you get caught, the police will be alerted. The average reward for a robbery consists of $1,000. It’s important to keep your focus to complete these missions as soon as possible. However, you must make sure that you stay in the game for at least four minutes to maximize your profits. If you are still stuck, you can always try to rob an ATM. This is usually worth between $2,000 and $5,000.

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