How To Identify A Fake Ww2 German Belt Buckle

Knowing how to spot a fake WW2 German belt buckle is essential if you are going to wear one. In general, fakes are not recognizable in person, but in the hands of an experienced antiques expert, you should be able to make the correct identification. The first thing you should look for is the metal type. The more silver the buckle has, the higher its quality.

The type of metal used to manufacture a buckle is also a clue as to the authenticity of the item. The most popular metals were forged, so you should look for a genuine German belt buckle that was made of steel. Then, look for the hallmarks of the police department. These stamps will help you make an accurate identification of a fake. For instance, a belt buckle that has the POMMERN FEUERWEHR on it is a fake. The same applies to a buckle marked with BAYERN FEUERWEHR.

Next, look for the metal material. Most wartime belt buckles were made of steel. The German army had trouble controlling production of aluminum, so they started producing steel buckles. As a result, the belt buckles were made of Bakelite. These types are not very common and are not worth the price of a fake. You can also look for the stamp that says “OSTPREUSSEN FEUERWEHR” or “F.W. ASSMANN & SOHNE – Ludenscheid” in the catalog.

Moreover, when you look for a WW2 German belt buckle, you can check its authenticity by checking its serial number. There are various ways to determine whether a belt buckle is genuine. Some manufacturers offer a Lifetime Guarantee of Originality. If it comes with a serial number, this is an indication that it is authentic. If it does not, you should discard it immediately.

If you want to know how to recognize a fake WW2 German belt buckle, check the serial number on it. Some of these items are counterfeits, so you should check them carefully. In addition to serial numbers, check the name of the manufacturer. It should be stamped with the letters “STAHLHELM”. The stamp should be on the back of the belt buckle. A genuine EM/NCO’s FUEERWEHR has the following designations.

The stampings on a genuine buckle should read: In the case of a fake WW2 German belt buckle, it is likely to have the same serial number as an authentic one. This is because of the different production methods and materials used. Some fakes may be of poor quality, while others are of good quality. You should avoid them at all costs. You should also be able to tell if a WW2 German belt buckle is fake.

The buckle must have the correct serial number. The serial number should be stamped with the word “STAHLHELM” in Germany. If you do not see this marking, it is likely to be a fake. If you have a genuine belt buckle, it is probably an OSTPREUSSEN FEUERWEHR. Then it should have the numbers “STAHLHELM” inscribed on it.

If you’re not sure, you can check for its serial number. If it is stamped with the letter “STAHLHELM” in German, then it’s most likely a genuine WW2 belt buckle. However, if you’re unsure about the serial number of a particular belt buckle, it is important to look for the serial number. A lot of them feature the correct numbers, but there are also fakes out there.

There are several ways to tell a fake WW2 German belt buckle. You can start by checking its serial number. The serial number should be stamped on the buckle. If it has a serial number, it’s not a fake. In fact, it’s a legitimate one. It has the right stamp. And, you can check its name in the serial number. If it’s a fake, it’s probably made of a material other than metal.

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