How to improve the NC?How to improve the NC?

How to improve the NC?

Better chances through a completed apprenticeship An apprenticeship can also help to improve the chances of a degree with restricted access. It is similar to an FSJ in that an apprenticeship does not directly affect the section, but counts as a waiting semester.

What is recognized as a waiting semester?

The waiting semester is the time between the Abitur and the start of your studies. If you have decided on a course for which your NC is not sufficient, you can wait for a semester. During this time you can work, travel or volunteer for social projects.

Is the Federal Volunteer Service recognized as a waiting semester?

BFD, FÖJ, FSJ The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) or the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) can also be counted as a waiting semester. There are many ways in which such voluntary work can be undertaken: cultural, sports or social clubs offer good starting points.

How do I get credit for waiting semesters?

However, studies at a vocational academy or abroad can be fully credited as a waiting semester. Tip: To be on the safe side, have the Foundation for University Admissions certify in writing that your time at the academy or university abroad is actually accepted and counted as a waiting semester.

How is an apprenticeship counted towards the degree?

Training is counted as a waiting semester. In particular, if your Abitur average is not that great or you don’t get a place at university despite a good final grade due to NC, you can “collect” several waiting semesters as part of an apprenticeship.

What do I do if I don’t get a place on the course?

Another option that you can take if you have not been able to get a place on the course is to file a lawsuit. This is often also referred to as a capacity lawsuit.

How does the backtracking process work?

In the first round of the move-up procedure, the NC drops to 2.1. If there are enough followers, you will unfortunately get nothing. However, if there are still places available, the NC will drop further to 2.2 and you have a good chance of securing a place at the university.

How can I sue for a study place?

Which courses can you apply for? In principle, all restricted-admission courses at universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences can be the target of an application for a place on a university place. The courses in human medicine are still the most popular – both 1.

When do you get an acceptance or rejection from the university?

Mostly on August 20th, but there are also some with earlier dates. As a result, the confirmations will come much later than usual – and the start of the semester has usually been postponed to November 2 (again: especially for freshmen).

By when do I have to accept a study place?

Be sure to accept the one admission (10-day period for enrollment!) – if you get admission for the second subject in the follow-up procedure, otherwise the first place on the course will be gone. However, you always have to enroll in a full degree program.

When will hochschulstart work again?

Current. The application phase for the 2021 summer semester for the nationwide restricted admission courses in human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy will start on December 1st, 2020. Hochschulstart has provided the criteria for ZEQ and AdH in addition to information on applying for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

Can’t register for hochschulstart?

If the registration is not successful, the most common errors can be: the e-mail address is not yet verified → click on the link in the e-mail! Typos → just try again ▪ Forgot your password → use the “Forgot your access data” function at the top right.

How often can you apply for a course?

5 answers. As far as I know there is no upper limit. However, medicine is one of the courses that are awarded centrally. You don’t apply to a specific university, but via and can only state your preferences or

How often can you enroll?

You can only be enrolled in one course at a time. However, there is nothing wrong with attending lectures that are not related to your subject, for example if you want to change courses. You are confusing applying with registering. You can only be enrolled once, you can apply more than once.

Can I apply to several universities at the same time?

Each semester after the Abitur in which you did not study counts as a waiting period. Incidentally, you can also apply to several universities at the same time or for several courses at the same university. Places that are not accepted will be allocated to remaining applicants.

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