How To Install Illuminated Kick Plates Nissan Rogue

The first step in installing illuminated kick plates is to remove the carpet. Depending on the model, the process may require removing the entire floor. After removing the carpet, the wires will be visible. Then, remove the negative battery cable. Then, disconnect the positive battery cable. Then, reconnect it with the negative battery cable. Then, replace the plastic sheath.

Next, remove the existing kick plates. Then, install the illuminated versions on the door sills. Then, you must remove the old ones. You can also remove the plastic trim from the floor. Make sure that the new ones are installed correctly. If the old kick plates are still in place, use a wire nut to secure the panels. After removing the kick plates, remove the rubber caps and the rubber sealant.

After that, you should remove the old kick plates. After removing the old kick plate, place the new one on the bottom. You can then replace it with the new one. You should take note of the location of the originals. After installing the LEDs, you should check the alignment of the new ones. If you have trouble locating the original, you should take pictures of it.

Lastly, remember to get a certified technician to install the illuminated kick plates. The installation will take approximately two hours. If you have a Nissan dealer, you may not be able to get a free estimate on installation. You should also know the cost of the parts and labor. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to drive the vehicle in a matter of minutes.

You can purchase illuminated kick plates from a dealer. In this case, you need to install the parts yourself. After the installation, you should test the installation process. You should not attempt to do it yourself. If you do, it will void your warranty. After the installation is complete, make sure you do not damage the lights. In addition, you must make sure that the LEDs are positioned properly on the car. If you do not do this, you will need to buy a new vehicle.

The next step in the installation process is to connect the positive and negative wires. The red and blue wires should be connected. You will need to connect the positive and negative wires to each other. Ensure that the wiring is properly connected. If the vehicle has a door lock, make sure it is the one that has the reverse latch. In addition to the door lock, the LEDs should be installed in both doors.

If you want to install illuminated kick plates on your Nissan rogue, you should make sure that you have the right parts for the installation. The first thing that you need to do is install the LEDs in the car’s kick plates. In this case, you will need to cut a hole in the front of the door for the LEDs to work. Then, use the wire nuts to attach the positive and negative wires to the other side.

The next step is to install the illuminated kick plates on the rear doors. These are easily installed and add a more attractive look to the Rogue. If you are installing the illuminated kick plates on the rear doors, you must make sure that you use the right tools to do the installation. There are some tools that you can purchase at home, but the best way to learn to install them is by visiting your Nissan dealer.

You can also purchase illuminated kick plates for your Nissan Rogue. You can find these plates in many places, but the easiest method is to ask your Nissan dealer. Usually, the installer will install them for you. If you want to install them on your own, you need to use a hammer and a screwdriver. You can also try using a plastic or aluminum pipe to attach the illuminated kick plates.

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