How to label a table?

How to label a table?

The caption of the table is usually left-justified above the table, while the source is below the table. Depending on the guidelines of the university, the caption of the table can also appear under the table together with the source.

How do I make a caption in Word?

Word. Click on the picture you want to add a caption to. Click Datums > Insert Caption. If you want to use the default caption (pictured), enter your caption in the Caption field.

How to make arrows in Word?

How to insert arrows in WordOpen Word and switch to the “Insert” tab. Then select “Shapes”. Click on the desired arrow and then align the symbol on your Word document. You can then edit the arrows, for example by changing the fill color.

How do I create a table in Word?

This is how you insert the automatic list of tables in your document. References tab > In the sub-item Captions > Insert table of figures. In the dialog window that now appears, select at the bottom left as Caption > Table > Confirm with OK.

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