How to make a diary entry?

How to make a diary entry?

Checklist for the diary entry Did you write how the character perceived and evaluated the experience? Do the character’s thoughts and feelings match the content of the text? At the end, did you let the character express a hope or fear about what you experienced? Did you describe the plot in your own words?

How to write a diary example

How do you write a diary entry?What happened?What worries you?What do you think and feel about it?What have you experienced with other people?What do you believe and hope for?What do you dream of?What goals and wishes do you have?What disappointments did you experience

What’s the point of writing down your thoughts?

Writing improves communication. If you write down your thoughts regularly, over time you will develop better communication skills and become better at articulating your thoughts precisely. In short: Writing down helps you think.

What is writing?

Writing (from Old High German scriban, from Latin: scribere to carve on a board with a stylus) describes the recording of characters, letters, numbers or musical notes. Its counterpart is reading, the process of absorbing and understanding written information and ideas.

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