How To Make A Pixel Heart Pop Up Card

How to Make a Pixel Heart Pop Up Card

This Valentine’s Day card will be sure to be a hit! If you’re wondering how to make a pixel heart pop up card, you’re in luck! We have a tutorial! Follow these instructions to make a pop-up card that will delight! The process is easy, no matter if you are making the card for yourself, or giving it as gifts.

First, prepare the pop up. This card is based on Tetris style blocks on the cover. Inside, you will find 16-Bit heart pops as well as video game doodles. Using simple craft supplies, you can make your own pop-up card. Cut the inner and outer card pieces using a craft knife or scissors. You will need to glue the pieces together, aligning the folds perfectly.

After you have printed the template, you can print it on card stock. Cut it out according to the instructions. Choose a contrasting color for the backing card. Use the pixel hearts to create a pop-up card that you can send to your sweetheart. This card is a great idea for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day! It’s fun and easy to make, and even kids can make it!

You’ll need thick cardstock paper for the card base, as well as for the inner layer. You will need three strips. The middle fold is your fold. Trace the outline of the heart pattern on two sides of the strip. On one side, measure the height of the heart patterns and on the other measure the distance between the heart patterns and the card. Cut slits into the strips using an x-acto knife.

Cut out several layers of thin, colorful cardstock paper. Attach them neatly to the bottom of the card. The inside of the card contains several layers of cardstock hearts, so it won’t stay closed unless you firmly press it closed. You can also tie the ribbon with a bow. Give it to the recipient. It will make a great gift! It will be a great gift!

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