How To Make A Raincoat Out Of A Shower Curtain

How to Make a Raincoat Out of a Shower Curtain

You can make a raincoat out of a shower curtain that you have lying around. Simply fold it in half and sew it together to make one long piece of fabric. You can also turn it inside out and press it with a hot iron to make it look neat. You can then wear it in the rain. It’s quick and easy! You can make a raincoat from a shower curtain using fabric glue and a Sew on Patch kit in no time.

You can also make a raincoat from repurposed shower curtain panels using coat hangers. You can use these hangers for a variety of things, such as putting your shower curtain on them while you’re in the shower. This will save you time and effort when you exit the shower to take off your raincoat. Besides, this will make your shower curtain more functional!

You want a shower curtain that doubles as a raincoat so make sure you choose a high-quality product that will last years. If you want your curtains to last a long time, make sure you clean them regularly. Dirty shower curtains can actually fade or even lose their colors. You can use the curtains as raincoats by cutting them in half lengthwise. Each strip should be one inch wide.

Side seams can be skipped if you are using a 6’x9″ drop cloth. If you’ve got the right size shower curtain, you can skip this step if you’re using a 6’x9′ drop cloth. However, you’ll need to measure your measurements carefully, since the finished cut size will be 75” wide by 108” long.

After measuring and cutting the shower curtain, add a buttonhole at every six inches. Cut the buttonholes with a sharp utility knife or single-edge razor. To seal the fabric, spray it with a waterproofing spray. Hang it with hooks. That’s it! Now your shower curtain is ready for the rain! So, now you can use the shower curtain as a raincoat!

Another great idea for a raincoat is a shower curtain liner. You can choose to get one made from 100% cotton or hemp, instead of plastic. These are better options because they won’t need a liner, and hemp is compostable. A shower curtain liner made of polyester or hemp is a better choice than PVC. It will also last as long as the shower curtain itself. And it will be easier to clean and reuse than the plastic one.

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