How To Make A Traffic Light Drink

How to Make a Traffic Light Drink

The Traffic Light Drink is made with three shots each of vodka, cranberry and orange juices and a dash sloe Gin. It is served over ice and contains green food colouring. The Traffic Light Cocktail is a refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer nights. But before you try this cocktail, make sure you know what ingredients go into it.

Preparing the ingredients is the first step to making this refreshing drink. Firstly, take your cordial. Add a few drops of the cordial to the drink. Next, add the orange juice. Mix the ingredients well by stirring the drink. However, stirring the drink will make it frothy, and will cause the components to mix. Stirring the drink will mix the components and can even result in browning.

Next, prepare the drinks. A traffic light drink is composed of three layers, each with a different flavor. Use a cocktail spoon to pour the drinks in a slow, controlled fashion. You can also use a funnel to keep the ingredients steady and prevent a layer from forming on top of the other. This is a simple cocktail that can be made into a cocktail. It will be a crowd pleaser!

Another variation of the traffic light drink is the Flaming Bob Marley. The Flaming Bob Marley has the same ingredients as a traffic light beverage, but you can substitute rum for overproof rum. A good choice is Jamaican Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum. Bacardi Rum 151 is no longer available, but you can substitute Melon Liqueur or Creme de Menthe.

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