How To Make A Troll Face Cake

How to Make a Troll Face Cake

This troll face cake tutorial shows you how to create the iconic character in your own kitchen. The first step is to make a cake using a basic or funfetti mix. Bake it in cupcake cups for a shorter time and then finish it off with a pull-apart hairstyle. It’s so easy! And the best part? The kids will love it, too!

The next step is to cut out the eye shapes: cut out the black eyes from fondant, and then cut a white circle from the fondant. This can be done using the Princess Poppy picture as a guide. Once you’ve cut out the eyes and nose, use fondant adhesive to adhere them to the cake. Then, you’re ready to decorate! Use any of your favorite fondant colors to create the facial features, and don’t forget to decorate the cake with the troll face, too.

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