How To Make A Turtle Shaped Diaper Cake

How to Make a Turtle Shaped Diaper Cake

Making a diaper cake starts with determining a base. A paper towel roll, heavy baby lotion bottle, or tube of wrapping paper can be used as a base. You can secure the diapers with an extra-large rubber band. You can also use a ribbon or hot glue to secure the diapers. Then, place the turtle topper on top and decorate it as you wish.

For the decoration of your turtle diaper cake, you can use rubber bands, ribbons, and other decorative items to make it look really adorable. You can make the turtle look more attractive by using colorful washcloth rolls. You can even use these decorations for a baby shower or a shower. This is a fun, easy way to make a unique diaper cake. You can also give it as a baby gift.

You can make a turtle-shaped diaper cake from diapers. It can be decorated in a color scheme or reflect the baby’s personality. It can be decorated with greenery or succulents. You can also choose a sports team theme and create a cake that matches it. After you have completed your diaper cake, the mom can either enjoy it for herself or give it as a gift to her coworker before she goes on maternity leave. After her baby is born, she can bring the cake to a party and have a sip.

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