How To Make A Wwe Championship Belt Cake

How to Make a WWE Championship Belt Cake

When you are hosting a wrestling party and want to make the cake more impressive, you can make it in the shape of a championship belt, topped with edible sugar pearls. You can also add a custom birthday message for $5. You can clarify the colors in the “Notes” field when placing your order, and the cake’s price may vary slightly depending on the extra design requests.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make a WWE championship belt cake, you can buy one from your local hardware store. You can make the faceplate more authentic by adding the federations to it. To create a stencil, you can also use cardboard. You can use x-acto knives or box cutters to create letters and shapes that look like wrestlers’ belts. After you are satisfied with the design, you can paint it with at least two coats.

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