How To Make An Underglaze Stamp Pad

How to Make an Underglaze Stamp Pad

Underglaze stamp pads are useful tools for transferring designs from 2-D art onto 3-D forms. They are filled with underglaze ink and act just like an ink stamp pad. They should be fired between cone 06 and cone 9. Before storage, they may need a spritz with distill water to thin them or liquefy them. Depending on the color, you can also choose to use different underglaze inks for different stamp pads.

To create an underglaze stamp pad, first wipe the surface of your bisque ceramic with a damp sponge. Next, take a piece of synthetic sponge and pour a dollop of underglaze into the center. After allowing it to dry, spread a thin layer of the underglaze over the sponge. After the underglaze has dried, blend it with a brush. Continue the process with the remaining underglaze.

Underglaze stamp pads are a popular technique for ceramic artists and are a convenient way to add repeatable designs and makers marks to your pottery. These can be used to stamp bisque with a standard rubber stamp, or custom stamps. Underglaze pads are available in a wide variety of colors and can be fired to Cone 06 to Cone 9 depending on the clay color and underglaze thickness.

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