How To Make Choora Fish Curry In Malayalam

How to Make Choora Fish Curry in Malayalam

If you’ve ever wondered how to make choora fish curry, look no further. Here’s a quick recipe that will delight your guests. This dish is made with fresh fish. It can be served with white rice, red or boiled tapioca. As long as you stir the curry constantly, it will be done in a few minutes.

This spicy dish is made from choora fish, which has high nutritional value. The only thing that can make this dish soggy is fish sapu, also known as kodampuli. The result is a smooth, silky gravy that’s not as thick or flavorful as curry made with other types of fish. It’s best served for lunch, and the fish itself is full of essential nutrients.

Choora fish is a popular ingredient in Kerala curry. The flavor is sweet and spicy, and the fish is paired with a coconut paste. This dish is an excellent way to incorporate fish into your diet. This dish is a healthy choice for people who are concerned about cholesterol and fat. And unlike other fish preparations, it’s one of the easiest to make. All you need are choora fish, coconut paste, and water.

First, heat coconut oil in a clay pot or manchatti. Once the coconut oil is heated, add the fish and the fenugreek. Cook the curry on low heat until it thickens and the fish becomes cooked. During the process, the fish will become tender. After that, you can reheat it and serve. To avoid spills, make sure you use a sturdy pot.

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