How To Make Clothes For Sylvanian Families

How to Make Clothes For Sylvanian Families at Home

Follow these instructions to make costumes for your Sylvanian clan. Children love to play with these adorable animals, so buying new clothes isn’t always an option. This tutorial will teach you how to make clothes at home for Sylvanian Families. It will save you money and encourage creativity. Besides, it’s really easy to do! Follow these steps and you can make dozens of outfits to suit your Sylvanian family members in no time.

Skirts are easy to make and don’t require a pattern. Measure the Sylvanian from the waist to the feet. Add the measurements to create a rectangle of fabric. To make your Sylvanian fit, you will need to triple the size of your fabric. Once the fabric is cut, you can attach the waistband. Once you are done, you can sew the sleeves and cuffs.

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