How To Make Free Calls On Mtn

How to Make Free Calls on MTN

MTN offers a free calling option for new customers. All you have to do is dial the short code *550# and you will be connected to a free call service. Once you are connected, dial option 8 or 2 to continue. You can then start making calls. MTN calls will be free for the first 6 months. Afterwards, you will have to pay for the calls you make.

Although it is easy to make free calls on MTN, it is not complicated. First, register your phone with MTN. This means that you will need to deposit 50 Naira before your phone can be used for calls. Then, you need to register your sim and activate it. It will not work if you activate it on another network.

Next, find the network operation setting in your phone’s settings. This can be done manually by going to settings and selecting the appropriate network. Make sure you select the mtn network, but if you do not see it in the list, you can use the 999 network instead. This will allow you make free calls on MTN. If you find that the process takes too long, you may have to repeat the process until the call is successful.

Register with the magic number to receive free calls on MTN. By doing this, you can receive up to six months of free calls on your MTN sim. After you have completed the registration, you will receive a message stating that you can make free calls to MTN for 6 month. After you have registered, you will need to enter a 10-digit number to receive free calls.

To activate the offer, you must have an MTN SIM card that’s not more than three months old. If you have a new SIM card, you will get a notification letting you know that the offer has been activated. Then, you’ll need to purchase a new SIM card every six months. The new SIM card can be used to make free calls to MTN for as much time as you wish.

You’ll get a free hour of MTN talk time for 30p a minute, which you can then use for free. You can also use the free credit to make calls on any network. This is great if you need to make nightly calls on the same network. You can also use the credit for free calls on other networks, but you must remember that the free time you use will be for MTN to MTN.

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