How To Make Gulab Jamun Ice Cream

You’ve been searching for Gulab Jamun Ice Cream recipes. We have a simple recipe! These can be made from scratch or purchased ready-made. You will need a rectangular container with cling film in either case. Then, place a layer of soft ice cream on top of the Gulab Jamuns. Once it has set, garnish it with grated chocolate or silvered almonds.

The main ingredient is khoya/mawa. You can find it frozen at an Indian grocery store. Once defrosted, crumble it and whisk it until it becomes a smooth texture. Next, add the gulab jamun and optionally the rose petals. Gulab jamun ice-cream is rich because of the khoya/mawa. Make sure you use the coldest part of the fridge for this step.

Now prepare the gulab Jamuns. Allow the gulab jamuns to soak in the syrup for approximately two hours. After that, press them out to remove excess syrup. Add the whipped cream, chaashanee syrup. Now, it’s time to make gulab jamun ice cream. This dessert is rich and creamy with a silky texture that melts in your mouth.

First, prepare the rose syrup and cardamom syrup. Make sure to use an oven-safe bowl and heat the syrup over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Allow the syrup to cool for five minutes after it has dissolved. Next, mix the gulab jamun dough by sifting the dry ingredients. Next, add the melted butter to the mixture. Then, roll the mixture into golf-ball size. You should have at least 10 balls.

After that, stir in the sugar and rose essence. After five minutes, remove the pan from the heat. Stir in baking soda, milk powder, flour, and salt. Set aside. Then, add the cream and serve! This is a delicious dessert that you can serve after an Indian meal. If you aren’t familiar with Gulab Jamun, try making it at home. You won’t be disappointed.

Whether you prefer a creamy version or a soft, chewy dessert, there’s a recipe for you. Gulab Jamun is an iconic Indian dessert that has recently become popular in the west. Simon Toohey recently posted a picture of his homemade Gulab Jamun to Instagram. Scarlett Johansson, an actress, even claimed that Gulab Jamun was her favorite food! Besides, you can even order a Gulab Jamun Ice Cream Roll at Delhi’s Raw Creams.

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