How To Make Money Plant Leaves Bigger

Bright indirect light is not enough to make money plants’ leaves grow larger. Organic matter and adequate nitrogen are also important factors. Money plants need high levels of nitrogen in order to grow. If you don’t have the funds to buy a greenhouse, it is a good idea for your plants to be grown outdoors. These plants are not suitable to be grown indoors. If you have a window, you can let some natural sunlight in and fertilize it.

The Money Plant, despite its name, needs a steady supply of water. The leaves will curl up and become brown if they don’t get enough water. The plant can also become stressed and die due to lack of humidity. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to use neem oil as a natural bug repellent. A pebble tray can be added to the pot to provide another effective remedy.

In addition to a good potting mix, you should water the plant at least twice a week. You should let the soil dry between waterings as they will need more water when it gets hotter. A well-cared for plant can live up to 15 years. You should avoid extreme temperatures as it can cause flower buds to form. It can survive up to freezing temperatures.

Money Trees are not able to take in sugar. Sugar is an essential ingredient for photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants produce nutrients. Moreover, adding sugar to your plants could also harm the roots. In addition, too much water can cause the leaves of a Money Tree to turn yellow. Repotting your money tree can help you avoid this problem. Make sure you plant it in a pot with a drainage hole to prevent it from being submerged in water. Remember that overwatering can stunt your Money Tree’s growth.

You can make your Money Plant’s leaves grow bigger by giving it milk. Milk will not only help the plant grow faster, but it will also make your luck shine brighter. The plants are best grown in medium or bright indirect light. They can also survive in shade, but they will not grow as fast and produce less new growth if they are under too much light. You can grow the plant indoors by using a Grow Light.

Next, check the roots of your Money Plant. If they are too tight or have no room to grow, it is time to move them to a larger pot. And once they have outgrown their current pot, be sure to give them enough light in order to grow healthy, full leaves. You’ll be glad that you did. Soon you’ll have a money plant twice as big as a standard pot.

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