How to make picture description?

How to make picture description?

The body is the heart of the image description. Describe the picture elements in a meaningful order. Start either from the big picture into the detail or from the detail into the big picture. Write in the present tense, descriptively and without interpretation.

How do you go about capturing an image?

Structure of a picture descriptionTopic (What does the picture mainly show?) Type (painting, photograph, drawing, etc.) Title of the picture, if known. Artist (Who created the work?) Source of the picture (Where is the picture hanging, where is it printed? if known?) Date (when was the picture painted, printed, published?)

How to make a composition sketch?

To make a composition sketch, you need the picture and tracing paper. If you don’t have any tracing paper at hand, you can also make a copy of the picture or use a normal sheet of printer paper (80 g/m²) to copy the outline of the picture.

How to write an image comparison art?

How do I write a picture comparison?Description of the one picture.Analysis & interpretation (always flow together a little bit)Final epochal classification.Evtl. Image description of the second image.Analysis & Interpretation.Evtl. Look for similarities and differences (comparison of epochs, comparison of artists)

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