How To Make Your Own Thong Out Of Old Underwear

How to Make Your Own Thong Out of Old Undergarments

Make your own thong from old undergarments. The first step is to sew the edges together. Place the seam 1/4 inch from the raw edges. Spread the undies while you sew so that the elastic is the same width throughout. Fold the foe inwardly and sew the exposed seam using a zigzag stitch.

Trace the underwear pattern by spreading it out a little bit and making sure to close all the openings on each side. Next, cut a pattern from the fabric with a pattern-making device. Label each piece with “Front – Cut 1”, “Back – Cut 2”, etc. Then cut out the pieces of thong-like material, and label them as desired.

To make your own thong, you will need a lining piece of cotton textile. The lining piece should be a few inches smaller than the outer lining piece. Use a pin to line up the edges of the lining piece with the side seams. You may also add a ribbon to the front of the thong. A matching ribbon or elastic will complete the thong.

You will also need to trim the sides of your panties. You should leave about 1 cm (3/8″) of seam allowance around the edges. After that, sew together the front and crotch pieces and turn the old panties inside out. Now your thong is ready to be worn! You can even make your very own underwear from old clothes.

Now you will need to reshape the bikini. For this, you’ll need to cut off the elastic around the leg holes and leave about three eighths of the lining. Then, cut the remaining material on the other side of the leg holes. Continue with the other leg hole. This will give you a pair that will last many years.

To make a thong from your old underwear, you’ll need at least fifty pairs. Remember to buy a pair of underwear that is not too tight and that has a good fit. In the event that the underwear has stains, you can bleach it and the thong will be free of them. Another option is to tie dye your underwear to give it a Woodstock-inspired look. You can also make a blanket with several old underwear. The dog will love the musky human smell and will surely take it home with them.

Besides being a great gift idea, this is also a good way to recycle old underwear. You can also use the old underwear as rags. The elastic from your old underwear can be reused for other crafts or reused as stuffing for stuffed toys. Boxers can also be reused to make a purse. For example, Heather of Almost All the Truth sells underwear clutches on Etsy.

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