How To Make Your Tumblr Icon A Gif

How to Make Your Tumblr Icon a Gif

So you want to make your Tumblr icon a gif? Well, you’re not alone. Many people have had success uploading gifs to their icons. But how do you do it? You will need an add-on for Chrome that supports gifs to create a gif icon. This article will show you how to create a GIF icon.

First, crop your gif icon. To select a particular portion of your icon, you can use a rectangular marquee tool. It can be used anywhere, from the beginning to end. Then, you can use the image size feature to resize the gif to the size you’d like. We recommend 80px. Save the page once you have the gif icon.

First, ensure that your gif includes the colours you wish to use. GIF files can only contain 256 colours. The average tumblr GIF has 30 frames, so the colours used must fit within the 256-colour limit. You might want to split scenes with different colours in order to create a cleaner image. It is best to avoid brightening or over-brightening your gif.

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