How To Open Floor 12 On 100 Floors

How to Open Floor 12 on 100 Floors

You may have wondered how to open floor 12 on 100 floors. Here are some tips. These steps will help you open the elevator doors. First, you should hold a finger over the hand recognition box. To open the elevator door, you will need a screwdriver. Next, place the screwdriver on the bolt and loosen it. You should now be able to unlock the doors.

Once you have removed the cap, you should be able to get access to the next level. 100 Floors has many levels. Each level has a solution. Below is the solution to each level. You can also use a sledgehammer or a knife to remove the baloon from each of the elevators. You will need to reverse the directions of the letters to open a door.

This is a difficult puzzle game so it’s helpful for a walkthrough. The puzzles are based on subtle clues, and you can move or collect objects to use later. If you are persistent and creative, the game can be very rewarding. You can open floor 12 on 100 floors with the right strategy and patience.

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